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Why are glass bubbles round?

Glassblowers get some odd questions that are a little difficult to answer.  I personally got asked this by someone during my interview to blow glass on a cruise ship….  While I was demonstrating how completely un-hireable I was as a glassblower at the time.  So I’ve thought about it for a few years, and asked […]


Art Changes Those Who Experience It

Being a glassblower I have been continually challenged by the tension between ‘craft’ and ‘art’.  The implication is, quite often, that if you make objects which are merely decorative, difficult to create, individual, and / or useful, you are not an ‘Artist’. When I schlepped through Philosophy of Art many years ago I acquired many […]


Video About Industrial Indian Glasswork

Old glass video about industrial Indian glasswork;u=/watch?v=dPjDUXz0Fe8&amp;feature=share<p class="wp-crosspost-linkback"><a href="" title="Go to the original post." rel="bookmark">;u=/watch?v=dPjDUXz0Fe8&amp;feature=share</a> was originally published on <a href="">Dylan</a></p>