Welcome to my site. Here you can find images of my work, writings about it, and a shop.

Photos of my work and process

Here you can see pictures of what I\'ve been up to. I love my work, and the images of it happening can be captivating.

Art Changes Those Who Experience It

Art Changes Those Who Experience It

Being a glassblower I have been continually challenged by the tension between ‘craft’ and ‘art’.  The implication is, quite often, that if you make objects which are merely decorative, difficult to create, individual, and / or useful, you are not an ‘Artist’. When I schlepped through Philosophy of Art many years ago I acquired many […]

Some Things Mystify Me, but That's Okay.

Some Things Mystify Me, but That’s Okay.

I’ve decided to write a series about what glassblowing has taught me over the years.  I’m going to start with, basically, ‘dealing with failure.’  Because, if anything teaches you about how to fail with a smile and try again, it’s glassblowing. This is a reticello.  Well, my first version thereof. The first attempt at Reticello […]