Dylan Brams

This is a basic site containing a few images of my glass work. For orders, contact me at dylan.brams@gmail.com, or through Etsy.

Photos of my work and process

Here you can see pictures of what I\'ve been up to. I love my work, and the images of it happening can be captivating.

Programming is a human service.

Listen. Listen very closely. I’m going to teach you a trick. It’s a secret your Computer Science professor probably won’t tell you. It’s a secret you can’t really learn on W3CSchools. It’s a secret I can’t really teach you, because you probably already know it. But I can point it out again. It’s a secret […]

Why are glass bubbles round?

Glassblowers get some odd questions that are a little difficult to answer.  I personally got asked this by someone during my interview to blow glass on a cruise ship….  While I was demonstrating how completely un-hireable I was as a glassblower at the time.  So I’ve thought about it for a few years, and asked […]

Art Changes Those Who Experience It

Being a glassblower I have been continually challenged by the tension between ‘craft’ and ‘art’.  The implication is, quite often, that if you make objects which are merely decorative, difficult to create, individual, and / or useful, you are not an ‘Artist’. When I schlepped through Philosophy of Art many years ago I acquired many […]