Hi! Welcome to my site! I’m Dylan Brams. I create hand blown glass art and other delicate, beautiful objects of glass in Jerusalem, Israel. I like making things. I started working with glass almost ten years ago, and after learning to love it I started working with it as much as possible.  I’ve had a lot of help along the way from many great teachers and fantastic artists and good friends who assisted me.  I’ve started this little site to share what it means to me with others, and explain both to myself and other people why I do what I do.

Along the meandering path of life I have learned to do many other things; I have degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Philosophy, and I program computers fairly well.  I do lots of yoga, and love AcroYoga.  I tend to try and learn from the people around me, and value their input no matter how much it disagrees with my initial line of thought.

I am a little intense in individual pursuits.  The two primary problems I am currently interested in are: creating hand blown glass objects as well as the best glassblowers in history, and understanding all of the multifarious options and issues involved with continuing to supply of energy to a consumptive population like the United States’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.


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